Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Day in the Life

I’m going to attempt to recreate a post I wrote one day in June that was lost with my hard drive…

I’ve had some early mornings lately while I am finishing up my spring cleaning job and have already begun training for my winter position at Treble Cone ski resort. Today, however, I was actually able to sleep in a couple extra hours before a short training with the Ticketing staff in the office down town. I biked into town for it, and afterward took a ride out to Wanaka Wastebusters, the local recycling center, to browse their op shop. The town of Wanaka sits in a valley on the lakefront, so anytime you leave town you have to pedal uphill. The recycling center is a few kilometers out of town, so the distance in addition to the hills makes it a bit more strenuous to get around without a car!

At Wastebusters I hit the jackpot: a ski jacket to use for the season that was much more waterproof than my down jacket would be on the wet days, a fleece to add to my long sleeved collection, and some ski boots to use with the skis I just bought! It pays to have friends in places and Doug gave me some pretty good rates for any outdoor gear I found with him!

On the way home, I decided to stop by the apartments to do some cleaning. I wasn’t scheduled to work today because I thought I’d have training all weekend, but thought I could make some progress on my very last room! My boss wasn’t there, and hadn’t left a key for me to get in since he didn’t expect me, so I will have to finish cleaning another day. I thought I would be occupied with training and cleaning all day, so I didn’t bring my swimming gear in order to stop on my way home. Unfortunately, the apartment my flatmates and I moved to is at the top of a hill and it’s impossible to go home without ascending a steep incline. This is somewhat unmotivating to think about and occasionally discourages me from leaving to go out again once I got home; today was one of those days. Alas, I returned home instead and settled in for a three hour nap!

After dinner I stopped by Lena’s house and we walked downtown to check out a Hangi (Maori meal) that was happening down by the lakefront. We apparently missed the meal, but there were still some people gathered around a smoldering campfire, so we hung out for a bit and enjoyed some acoustic guitar. Too late for the Hangi, and yet too early to go out to the bar where we knew people would be meeting later, and we decided to wander back up the hill. Of course by the time I got here I knew I wasn’t going out again tonight, so I settled in to write this and post some pictures to Facebook. And that’s where I sit with my computer and some chamomile tea, enjoying a cozy night by the fire.

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