Saturday, March 19, 2011

South Island Road Trip with Louise: Castle Hill Bouldering!

The next two days we had set aside for some bouldering at Castle Hill. The morning after our Cave Stream adventure, we set off for the hills and hoped for a bit more motivation (and perhaps orientation) toward the available climbing!

We still didn't really know our way around (it's hard to follow guidebooks when all you can see is just a huge field of boulders) so we found some of our own problems to try.

We worked at them...

And got creative...

And made some accomplishments!

It's nice climbing with a partner because you can encourage each other... particularly when you climb somewhere around the same grading level. When one of you gets a problem, often the other one then wants to work it until they solve the puzzle too!

Sometimes even with the best intentions, motivation is lost and you might be caught sleeping...

We headed over to another hill where there was meant to be a nice bouldering circuit and thought we might climb around there for a while.

We found some mantels to try (when it's a reach to get to a certain place so you have to combine a pulling motion with an immediately following pushing motion in order to mount something - like a ledge - and then roll your body onto it.)

And met some other climbers who provided a bit of inspiration about what to climb in the area.

Still, sometimes you have to get creative! I found a low mantel (that was hardly worth calling a climb at all... more of a high step) and challenged someone to mantel it without the use of their arms. The challenge was instead reflected back to me, so I had to prove it was possible. It certainly took a lot of hip shimmying and some use of my head, but I did get it!

I guess we spent quite a bit of time upside-down that weekend...

We explored the area a bit, and while Lou was standing on her head, or napping, or something, I played a game of keep off the grass!

Sometimes you have to keep entertained by doing things other than just climbing. We were both caught hiding...
I spy someone's feet...

And resting...

 And occasionally stopped to simply take in the sights.

We took heaps of pictures.

And even did a bit of climbing!

There were a couple falls...

Note the position of the mat, directly in front of her climb.

And at least one injury...

But overall I'd say we had a pretty good couple of days.

I'm definitely going to miss climbing with Lou and the motivation she provides me!


  1. WOW. amazing pics, girl. saying you two had fun would be an understatement. and those views of the countryside... i mean, wowza! insanely beautiful. live it up, woman.

  2. Aww, thanks Amber!! It was absolutely beautiful, definitely some good memories!


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